Friday, May 16, 2008

Gazebo builder

One of the EMCE projects coincides with the Ester library's workplan: publicizing Ester biz requires a place to come for info. The gazebo was planned as a sort of info center where we could have racks for local artists and businesspeople to put their flyers and cards, and a bulletin board to announce events (including political ones, since those can't be put up in the post office). But before that, the gazebo has to be built. Hans took off a week in between jobs to finish it up. (He could have gone to work right away, but wanted to get this done first.)

Here he is, making goofy faces for the camera (you should have seen him before I pointed out this was for the website and so could he please play it straight (or somewhat straight, anyway).


Coldfoot said...

Dierdre, Puh-lease.

How could you of all people not be behind this leftist/socialist scheme?

I should be the one bashing it.

Just take a deep breath and imagine Tony Knowles had proposed it. You might have an orgasm.

Deirdre Helfferich said...


I'm assuming you attached your comment to the wrong post, because otherwise this makes no sense. Tony Knowles? leftist/socialist scheme?
Otherwise, you've got some seriously mixed-up ideas about gazebos...

So, operating under the assumption that this is supposed to be on the Sarah Palin post, all I can say is I have NO clue why you think ol' Oily Tony might have been a more palatable source for a proposal such as Palin's energy card handout. The problem is in the proposal, not the person.

But I forget. You like to play the troll, rather than actually discuss a subject.