Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gazebo work continues

Hans has been working hard on the gazebo. Part of the sticking point now is copper flashing for the cupola (he got part of it covered last night but ran out--looks pretty cool! more pictures to come) and sanding the posts. It's a slow slog. Here's where the gazebo construction was as of May 22, with the tar paper laid on:

and the view of the ceiling from underneath (still not prettied up):

Here's a view of the Ester Post Office from the side of the gazebo:

At the moment, Hans isn't sure that he wants to enclose the gazebo; it may be nicer to keep it open and airy. People have been talking about the gazebo as an Ester Visitor's Center, which sort of gives me the heebie-jeebies. Its main function is as, well, a gazebo, affiliated with the Ester library. So it's going to have a bulletin board, bookshelves, brochure racks, benches, flower pots, and--who knows--the occasional wedding or reading group or music practice in it. It'll probably serve as a waiting spot for people catching buses or rides with friends. Big gazebos can handle bands and receptions, little gazebos can handle a few people or quiet events.

It's pretty exciting to see the progress. I called up Larry and Gail Flodin, who own the property it sits on, to let them know that actual progress on the construction was indeed progressing.

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