Thursday, June 05, 2008

Gazebo progress

So yesterday, again after a hastily gobbled open-faced sandwich dinner, Hans and I headed down to work on the gazebo some more. On the way we saw a porch gathering of guys--including Bill! so we stopped and said hi. Jim Smith had invited us to a bratwurst barbeque at Bill and Michelle's place a couple of days ago, but we didn't have complete directions, so we spent a while driving around Fiddle in Cripple Creek, which was sort of a pleasant exploration, but didn't get us any brats. I gave Bill a hug and told him I was glad he wasn't dead. Hell, what else can you say to a guy who damn near froze to death?

Anyway, we hung out for a bit and drank red wine and apricot beer (I avoided the peanuts), and then went off to the gazebo. It is really wonderful how many people stop to tell Hans how good it looks or how much they appreciate the work he's doing. One woman complimented us on it and asked if it was a bus stop. I said, no, it's just a gazebo for the library, but actually, she's right: it could be a bus stop, too. I'm realizing just how useful this little place will be: bus stop, music chamber, hangout, reading room, wedding chapel, playhouse…and I bet there will be scads of people using it during the Fourth of July.

I finished painting the first coat of stain on all the boards and did the second coat on the first batch, the ones nearest the gazebo. Hans got a bunch of old cedar shiplap from Mark Simpson (donated for the cause) and put up the planter hooks. He put up the planters, and we stood and admired the rather gazebo-like effect for a bit before heading up to the Eagle to celebrate. It's going to look pretty good when it's done.

Hans and I were thinking about maybe dedicating it or naming it for some local woman, perhaps Ida Clausen. Margaret Rogers suggested that we ask the Flodins if there was anybody they might want to consider dedicating it to, since it's their land. My opinion is that it should be a woman, somebody of importance to the community, and someone who is not alive anymore. Alaska Linck? Ida? Mrs. Pidge? Rose Berry? Ester and Eva? I'd also kind of like to have a little transfer of title/dedication ceremony to break the gazebo in. It could be fun.

Oh: I found my camera. Or rather, Frank found it and gave it to Monique who gave it back to me. So once I get the images off it I can show you what we've been up to!

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