Monday, July 28, 2008

Upcoming first anniversary of the FBI raid on Stevens' house

I received this afternoon a public service announcement of an event commemorating the FBI raid on Senator Stevens' house in Girdwood last year. To whit:
What: An observance of the first anniversary of the FBI's raid on Ted Stevens' Girdwood home
When/Where: 11:30 AM Wednesday July 30 at Ted Stevens' Fairbanks campaign HQ, Old Steese just north of College Road
Why: Let the public know the following facts have not been forgotten, we'll provide signs!
Who: Alaskans who want the corrupting influence of big money removed from Alaska politics

In the year since FBI agents raided Ted Stevens' Girdwood home, we've learned that:

• VECO employees donated over $180,000 in large dollar amounts to Ted Stevens - based on FEC records
VECO employees doubled the size of Ted Stevens' $440,000 Girdwood home. Stevens claims to have paid $130,000 for this remodel. VECO was not in the housing renovation business, rather it is an oilfield service company.
• Ted Stevens arranged huge funding increases to the National Science Foundation to expand arctic research.
• The National Science foundation awarded contracts to VECO totalling $170 million to provide logistical support for arctic research.
• VECO hired Ben Stevens, paying him $243K for "giving advice, lobbying colleagues and taking official acts in matters before the legislature," (8/16/07 Anchorage Daily News)
• When asked by federal prosecutors, former VECO executives Bill Allen and Rick Smith stated under oath that their payments to Ben Stevens constituted an illegal bribe.
(I can't say as I see increasing the National Science Foundation's funding as a bad thing, but it does look a little sticky when all those oil types are involved.)

Things looked bad enough to the FBI that they started taping Stevens' conversations.

For a really extensive listing, got to Alaska Report's Corrupt Bastards Page, an excellent reference. Retire Ted! also has a lot of stuff, but it's paid for by the Democratic Party of Alaska and hasn't been kept current.

At any rate, it looks like things will be lively at Stevens' campaign headquarters on Wednesday around lunchtime.

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