Friday, August 22, 2008

As promised: black slate countertop photo

Finally got a photo of this so you can see what a recycled pool table looks like when installed in a kitchen:


Ishmael said...

Seriously, that is very nice.

How do you think the edges will hold up?

How did you seal it?

Deirdre Helfferich said...

So long as we don't go careening off the edges too much or whacking our pots into it, the counter should hold up well. So far so good. We sealed it with walnut oil. Just have to re-oil it every so often. The nice thing about walnut oil (food-grade) is that it doesn't go rancid the way olive oil will. Minimal odor, and we wash the counter with soap and water every so often. Eventually, when we notice spottiness or dryness, we'll oil it again. Seems to be working really nicely so far.

Ishmael said...

I did not know that about walnut oil. Cool.

So what did you do with the rest of the recycled pool table? Reupholster a chair with the felt?