Friday, August 29, 2008

A contrast in Veeps: Cheney, Palin, and Biden

Okay, so think about it. We know what Cheney is like: advocate for torture, shill for the oil companies, George Bush puppet master, Mr. Secrecy himself (always flitting back and forth from the infamous Undisclosed Location). Despite his disdain for things like the Constitution, liberty, and civil rights, you gotta give the man one thing: he'd know how to run the country if George dropped dead. (Of course, that's because he is running the country, but that's another issue.)

And there's Obama's selected running mate: Senator Joe Biden. He's got experience up the wazoo, with thirty years in the Senate and loads of foreign policy and national security knowledge. He knows how to campaign, and he's got the savvy to be a real asset to the president, and to take his place if need be.

But then we have Sarah Palin, recently Wasilla mayor and now Alaska governor. She's young and healthy and intelligent, and so far has proven a capable governor. But suppose McCain kicks off? The question that must always be asked of the suitability of a vice-presidential candidate is, "Could they serve as president?"

Yep, politics is the Great Sport of modern America. A better comedy nor scarier horror show you cannot find.

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Jay said...

Hello, Ester readers.

I'm your friendly commentator from London. An Alaskan of 47 years who left America for a better life. The immigrant story in reverse, really.

Watching the Palin announcement roll out today, I just want people in the interior to know that England, Europe and much of the world are quite tired of Republicans after this last presidency. You know, the kinda leaders who makes Russia look good.

They are much more inclined to vote for Obama--Oh, that's right, they don't get to vote!

But I do. And so do many Americans I know living here who want America to be respected a bit more. McCain and Palin, a woman who is meant to activate the theocratic base of the Republican Party, are not the right people to lead the USA if you give a damn what the world thinks.

But then, I know Alaska came up with that bumper sticker years ago, "We don't give a damn how they do it outside". Perhaps that's the problem for America as well...

And it's why I finally left. Good luck.