Thursday, August 21, 2008

Easton Stagger Phillips concert at the Loon

That was one hell of a concert. Couldn't stay in my seat. I'd heard Tim Easton before, of course, but I'd not heard Leeroy Stagger or Evan Phillips before. Now I plan to get any and every album they've released, and I do not ordinarily get all that excited by music.

Leeroy and Tim came to the Eagle earlier this week to play (Evan did too, but he left early after snarfing a burger) and it was delightful. But all three of them together was absolutely fantastic. There was a synergy that was just great. The News-Miner had a little writeup on them last week, and Gabriel Hill did a review of their album for the August Republic.

They're playing tonight at the Denali Foundation--go and listen to them. These guys are hot stuff.

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