Thursday, September 04, 2008

I-Witness raided again

Amy Goodman describes the experiences of independent journalists in Minneapolis:
The attack on and arrest of me and the "Democracy Now!" producers was not an isolated event. A video group called I-Witness Video was raided two days earlier. Another video documentary group, the Glass Bead Collective, was detained, with its computers and video cameras confiscated. On Wednesday, I-Witness Video was again raided, forced out of its office location. When I asked St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington how reporters are to operate in this atmosphere, he suggested, "By embedding reporters in our mobile field force."
The police conducted the raid because an informer told them there was a "hostage situation" there. Sounds like the police are either somewhat stupidly using pretty unreliable informers, or they're lying through their teeth. I-Witness is now at the offices of Free Speech TV.


Ishmael said...

I read Goodman's column in the paper today. Outrageous the behavior of the St. Paul Police.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Ish: But totally legal behavior by police in the US now.