Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Ester bus line

Susie Fenner of SCANFairbanks alerted me to this. The Fairbanks North Star Borough is once again considering the possibility of having a bus line from Ester to the university. Last time this failed miserably because of the stop times, apparently, and also because there were a lot fewer people out here back then. Fenner and others are advocating for a line that would go along Gold Hill Road from the university to Ester and back. She asks:
What are your thoughts on this? Would you ride public transportation at least one way, or at least once a week? Is carpooling or a park & ride arrangement of interest to you? Please let me know if this is something to pursue. David Leone, DOT Public Transportation Manager, is interested in your response ( and so is Tylan Martin (, the private contractor with whom David is working for this project. And please don't hesitate to contact me directly with your comments.
I'd certainly use this in the winter, probably three days a week, and on rainy days in the summer, if there was a bus going in between 8 and 9 am. It would be nice if it would make a loop to Fred's and Safeway, too.

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anarchyintheak said...

Hey, thinks for posting this. I contacted Mr. Leone about advice for getting our own commuter shuttle going, too. Maybe he has some ideas for who to talk to about some additional funding.

Mean while, our first run is scheduled for tomorrow morning. (I'm nervous! What if nobody shows up?!)