Thursday, October 30, 2008

Library meeting on Sunday

The official details:
Date and Time: Sunday, November 2, 3pm
Location: Hartung Hall, corner of Main Street, Ester Loop, and Wellhouse Road (just past Frank's log castle toward Judie Gumm's, on the left as you go toward Fairbanks), Ester village
The Ester library's had a good fundraising year, and some actual construction got done, albeit on the gazebo, not on the actual library. The two big holdups have been a) lack of a design; and b) lack of sufficient funds. The latter is not so important as the former, actually, because having the plans will help kick the fundraising into high gear, and enable building to commence with the funds we do have and the volunteer labor and donated materials already promised. That will only work for so long, but once we start, the rest will follow pretty quick.

So we're starting up the library planning meetings again, and preparing for what will be a pretty humongous year. We need to get past the $6,000 barrier on the Lallapalooza, so we can pay for basic materials like concrete for the foundation, which means starting work on the fundraiser now. The first meeting will cover certain housekeeping chores, which won't take too long, such as getting a treasurer and planning a time for cleaning up the stacks (they've gotten a bit out of control lately), and getting the two early volunteer positions for the Lallapalooza: the performance organizer (Kate Billington's not doing it this year) and a volunteer coordinator.

Most of the meeting will be devoted to the actual design and construction plans for the library. Gary Pohl is coming, and will, I hope, have a sketch for a final design. I'm hoping a bunch of interested construction types will come and give Gary the feedback he needs.

The other topic for the meeting is other types of fundraising: the capital campaign, the United Way, the Rasmuson Foundation, and a legislative grant. All of these, however, require that our 501(c)(3) status is secured and filed, and that we have an official copy of the letter. So all we can do on them is get everything ready except for that official letter, and then shoot 'em out the moment we do.

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