Monday, October 06, 2008

Running in place

Well, not really. But it sure feels like it. Both Hans and I have been sick--that deceptively mild cold that gives you a runny nose and makes you tired, tired, tired--and yet a ton of things seem to be happening, or not happening. I'm up to my eyeballs in things to do. Lessee:

1. Car froze up. Or rather, the lock did, so it wouldn't start. Put key in, no turning. Hence, no ignition. We had to get it towed to the car dealership, where it will sit until October 9, when the part comes in, and maybe will be ready at some point after that. Part of our warranty includes a loaner car while we wait for our vehicle to be repaired. So Hans went in (taking a cab to do so, $35 one way), but guess what? He hasn't got a credit card, so no, the warranty won't be applied to our situation. Imagine a very very very steamed Teutonic type carpenter guy. With a cold, and a beard, and bits of sawdust all over him starting to smoke. He took the cab back (another $35), because the shuttle guy was off work. We are very unhappy with dealer. They aren't going to reimburse us for the cab ride. Not even half of it. But they didn't tell us we needed a credit card. So now I'm going to be calling our insurance and the Honda national service center about this. Automobiles make a tremendous difference in day-to-day life and livelihood.

2. Readers on the Run. Happening this Sunday. Yer friendly library volunteer is not yet starting to panic, but she'll get there, never fear. Marjorie Kowalski Cole has volunteered to be our magnetic poetry judge. I've got to come up with an appropriate costume for the event: something warm, since I'll be outside from 9 am on! Ed assures me that runners are indeed cracked enough to race on snow (my description, not his--he thinks it a sane event).

3. the Annex Gallery show opened last Friday. This meant madly trying to get something together for that. The first plan, a glass bookshelf, fell through, but Hans is still working on it. I ended up making two window/glass collages. I rather like them. Didn't go to the opening though because I a) was sick and b) had no transport (see #1).

4. Actual painting happened in the kitchen. I couldn't stand it. I had to finish something, anything, paint in bright colors. So I did, yesterday. Photos will follow.

5. InDesign course. I'm already behind. Somehow this happened even though I was ahead last week (having caught up from being behind the week before...). GACK!

6. Work. Perpetually behind on that, don't you know. Well, I go in tomorrow and we'll see where I get.

7. Self-defense for women. There are two classes here, one this Sunday, yesterday, that I bagged out of that to go paint (see #4) and next Sunday, which I might actually get to. Been a while since I've done martial arts or self-defense practice.

8. Republic. Behind already on this month. Gack again!

Hence, hardly any posting on the blog in the last fortnight. Will attempt to rectify this, although my fans don't seem to have noticed that I'm not here...drat.

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