Monday, November 03, 2008

Best Halloween costume of the election

Hands down, it had to be Terry Koltak's perfect sendup of the Republican ticket: he came as one of the Living Dead. Complete with a name tag: McCain-Franken-Palin-Stein. And a price tag on his designer dress: Nieman-Marcus. And bloody red lipstick all over his teeth and lips and (green) face. He lurched around the bar, yelling, "Nnngggh!", "Graagggrh!" and "Urrrggggh!" His red (wig) hair was extremely well tousled, and stuck up in the back (all over, actually).

Really, it was a stellar imitation of the brain-eating behavior, erudite elocution, and stalwart ethics of the actual Republican candidates. Couldn't tell the difference.


Ishmael said...

Dang, that sounded like a good time! You didn't infect folks to the point they can't make it to the polls, did you? Oh, shoot, did I just give the repubs an idea for 2010/12 and beyond? "Here, take some blankets."

jay in uk said...

Dear fellow readers,

I guess I'm old enough to remember post-election disappointment. It was Clinton who signed 'don't ask, don't tell' and the 'Defense of Marriage Act'. It was Kennedy that expanded entanglement in Vietnam. We all have our lists.

I voted for Obama by post last week because of the promise of progressive policy after far too many years of conservative policy dominance. He also gave me and many others like me the wonderful possibility of bursting the color bar in what is a highly symbolic position for America's race history.

But I didn't choose to vote for Obama for edging to the electable middle. I didn't choose to vote for Obama for taking an electable position rejecting marriage equality for gay and lesbian families.

Many of my friends here in London are truly excited about this day. We all hope for a more sane America acting in the world, one that again leads by its example rather than its cash or military.

I can't climb to the emotional heights that others will today. Obama is an agent for change, yes. But the rest is really up to us. Wish us all well with today's hopes and tomorrow's promise. I for one, ask him and all of us to remember he is human, first. Ambition must serve or it will become hubris.

God speed, America.