Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More on the cell phone tower

The company in question is DigiTel, and the tower would be 180 feet tall, with blinking red lights to ward off airplanes. Alaska DigiTel has put in about a dozen towers in the Fairbanks area, and while this makes communication easier, a lot of neighborhoods are getting pretty pissed off at the company.

Aside from the negative impact on property values and aesthetics, the residents of the Parks Ridge Road area are concerned about precedent: if this tower can go in here, then one can go in on any ridgeline residential neighborhood. One very valid question the residents have is that if even an area zoned residential (supposedly this zoning is for the express purpose of securing an area from commercial or industrial purposes) can be used for this, then what's the point of zoning it residential? It renders the zoning meaningless.

Leon Lynch has written an excellent letter to the editor of the News-Miner on this.

A planning meeting on this tower will be held at the borough December 9. Comments can be sent directly to the planning commission (reference CU2009-003 - include your name and address).

The News-Miner has had several articles and opinion pieces on cell phone towers recently:
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Local officials ponder cell phone tower zoning issues, staff report, September 29

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Mark Musitano, 452-5542, is the contact person for the Parks Ridge neighborhood group.

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