Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Library storage

The Ester library's Old Post Office Espresso Library Annex (OPOELA for short, aka the storage shack) has been sold to Doug & Hillary, who want to use it for (suprise!) storage. This means that the many boxes of books in there need to come out and get stored somewhere else--obviously, not in the library, since we didn't have room for them in the first place. So for the last week Hans and I (in between Solstice, Christmas, year-end reports, and bad colds) have been emptying the OPOELA and trying to find places to stash all the books. We've got a few people to help us store boxes, and Hans and I took a bunch home, but I'm going to have to go through them all and sort out the duplicates and post office-worthy copies. I've also got a little box of books to go up to Calypso for their resource library.

One thing we may do is have a book sale.

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