Sunday, January 18, 2009

New ukelele

Yesterday Hans and I went to Grassroots Guitar and bought a baritone Lanikai ukelele for me. They had a nice little regular ukelele, too, but I liked the sound on the baritone, as well as how it fit in my hands, so we got that. (I want to go back and get the little uke, too, actually, but one thing at a time...) It's made out of a deep purple wood called nato, with a rosewood fretboard. This photo comes from the Lanikai website. The top part in the photo (damn, I'm going to have to learn all the proper terminology--you know, where the nuts to tighten the strings are) looks very pale in comparison with the body, but on mine it's the same deep purply-brown wood.

It's not the sweet girly ukelele that Hannah loaned me, but I'm not complaining! I'll have to take playing music a bit more seriously with this instrument. I must get practicing on the Lumberjack Song.

And they have an electric model, too…

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