Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Apron Parade

I can't sew very well, so I won't be one of the people contributing an apron to the Lallapalooza apron parade, but Hans is planning to do one with duct tape and blue tarp. Possibly with bits of Carhartt, too. We'll see. People keep chortling and snorting when I ask them about their aprons, so my suspicion is that the fashion show will be rather fun this year. We went to visit Material Girls and Northern Threads, and those hand-painted fabrics are enough to make me almost want to get out the sewing machine. All those pretty colors! Hoo. Hard to resist. I suspect I won't, but probably won't sew with them....coming to a collage near you!

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rainywalker said...

I'm gonna call my son in Fairbanks and see if his crowd might make the apron parade. Carhartt apron? I might buy one. Have fun.