Friday, February 06, 2009

Flying press releases


The Immoral Minority uncovered some juicy press releases flung back and forth between Governor Sarah Palin and Representative Jay Ramras. Dermot Cole's got some good excerpts, too. Tssssss! Hoo, they're hot. Palin's complaining that Jay's ignoring her and all the good stuff that the state did for Emmonak and other Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta villages, and says he's picking on her, just like a good old boy. Jay, in a dudgeon, is "shocked and appalled" and has called the governor's "derogatory comments" "fool-hardy and Clinton-esque [sic]".

Well, this little catfight may be entertaining, but I know that Jay Ramras has in fact been working for quite a few months at the very least, with UAF, on getting the Bush communities a measure of food self-sufficiency. And Sarah and the state executive branch haven't distinguished themselves in the Leaping to the Rescue Department, much less the Preparing for and Nipping Disasters in the Bud Department. Good thing the public at large has been helping out.

Andrew Halcro puts it nicely:
The dire situation in Western Alaska was not a surprise. Former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, warned of impending problems due to a poor fishing season when he was fired by Governor Palin in July. The Alaska Federation of Natives warned of the looming crisis at their annual convention in October.

In response to a growing crisis in villages like Emmonak and Kotlik, Representative Ramras spearheaded a food drive to help gather donations to help his fellow Alaskans. His efforts have been extremely successful.
Dear, dear, dear.


rainywalker said...

When living in Alaska [32 mile Richarson Hwy] we all stuck together and helped each other. Food, fire or whatever. Alaskans are good people and I miss them.

Independent Alaskan said...

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