Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Panel o' bloggers

Yours truly has been invited to participate in an Alaska Press Club J-Week panel titled "Yoda Sez: Always in Motion is the Future." The panelists include bloggers Andrew Halcro, Shannyn Moore, Tony Hopfinger, Amanda Coyne, me, Kyle Hopkins, and Dan Fagan. The moderator is Jay Barrett, the news director at KMXT Radio in Kodiak. What I'm doing in with this bunch I can't figure out, but hey, it appealed to my ego and I had the money, so (assuming Mt. Redoubt doesn't belch again) tomorrow morning I will be flying down to Anchorage to bluff my way with the best of them.

Guess I'd better renew my membership.

1 comment:

Philip Munger said...

"Guess I'd better renew my membership."

You you should. I'll be at the desk, orienting folks, and taking their money. Looking forward to meeting you.