Friday, March 27, 2009

Still in Anchortown

Well, my flight got canceled. Rather than spend five hours at the airport waiting for a flight that might or might not actually go anywhere, I decided to stay another night and attend some more of the Alaska Press Club conference. I had to catch the bus as Dimitra had already left. I'd forgotten what it was like, it's been so long since I've used a bus. All kinds of interesting people.

It's snowing. Big fat fluffy flakes that turn to slush fairly quickly.

Last night's blogger panel was pretty lively. It was especially interesting meeting people I've only known or heard of via the internet: Phil Munger, Andrew Halcro, Shannyn Moore. I've met Amanda Coyne and I think also Tony Hopfinger in the flesh.

Today the conference has been fairly low-key, given the dearth of speakers and attendees (volcanic ash in the vicinity does tend to put a damper on get-togethers like this), but good. Tonight is the Anchorage Press party, which ought to be fun.

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