Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Office open house April 24

The Republic's office open house will be on the last Friday in April, 5-9 pm on the 24th. (Actually, I'll be in the office during the day, too, but that's when the party is.) NOTE: Contributors are especially invited to attend! I will be plying you with food and beverage, so come by and keep yer friendly neighborhood editor company!

Just so's you don't forget, this is at the NEW office, studio #2 at the Annex, 2922 Parks Highway, in front of Water Wagon. There's plenty of parking, and the door to the studios is on the right side of the building (the front door is the one to the gallery—also worth a look-see).

A possible bonfire of (really old) extra back issues may be in the works, depending on what the landlady says, so if you want issues from the first five years of the Republic's publication, get 'em now!

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jay in uk said...

Totally unrelated comment, but it needs to be passed along from the totally uninvolved in London. It's the answer to (many of) the troubles with Ted and Mark!

Get Ted to run for governor. He can get back to Alaska and finish his career where he started--all while he writes his memoirs! After all, the current gov doesn't work full time. Why couldn't he?

It's win, win, win!