Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another one of those weeks: deadlines and Lee Schauer

Talk about a rollercoaster.

I've been working hard on the paper for the last week, with edits and layout and last-minute ads (Mary, it almost didn't make it!). On Sunday evening I quit a little early, heading down to the Eagle, where I found out the Lee Schauer was dead. Had, in fact, died around 5:30 at his house. I haven't seen Star yet, but I imagine she's a wreck. I sure would be. I want to say I hope she's okay, but of course she isn't.

I finally got the paper to the printer by pulling a 2-am-er on Monday. Surprisingly, I was just fine on Tuesday, lively and awake, although subject to moments of gloom, given Sunday's news. I worked in the library yesterday night, and then went to the Eagle, where I met Peter Pierson, who will be doing the service for Lee.

Here's the particulars:
Funeral for Lee Schauer
4 pm Thursday, May 14
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
4448 Pikes Landing Road (map)
My editorial for the Republic was especially difficult to write this time, and was the very last thing I did before I converted the InDesign file to a PDF and sent it to the printer. I ended up writing about community projects and volunteering, "social capital" as it were. I wasn't ready to write anything about death, other than the notice, which took a lot of effort for a short few words.

I ended up not going in to listen to Lewis Feldstein, working instead in the Ester library as I said, and although I'm glad I cleaned up the library a bit, I just wasn't up to leaving the village, despite my perversely energetic mood.

Addendum: There will be a potluck after the funeral, at the Golden Eagle.

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