Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ukelele classes with Jean

I'm taking beginning ukelele with Jean McDermott. The second class was this week, supposedly, but only one person (me) showed up for the first lesson, so Jean combined her beginning guitar and beginning ukelele classes, and her little studio was packed. There were three uke players (me, Kate Billington, and a guy named Bob who had the only regular ukelele--Kate and I have baritone ukeleles) and three and a half guitar players, one of whom was way advanced for the level of the class ("here's a what a chord is") and half of whom is a kid who is learning with her mom.

It was fun.

Today I took a mental health day, and I feel much, much better.

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Inner Glower said...

I'm also taking lessons from Jean and find they are the highlight of my week. Much more fun than anything I do at work. These lovely spring evenings, I sit outside on the deck and fiddle to the robins and the gray jays. If you want a way to connect with your neighbors, and a way to manage stress in a drug-free way, go visit Jean's Tartan Tundra music studio.