Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Return of the Blogging Editor

It came from the crypt of old back issues: the publisher has FINALLY managed to get on line at the office once again. No more waiting for the computer at the bar or borrowing the laptops of various friends! The office computer is functional, thanks to the amazing Darwin Cameron, Mac dude and computery fix-it man. Many recommendations and thanks in his specific direction. (And he's really cheap, too--I gave him a healthy tip and told him he's not charging enough.)

The reason I've been unable to post from my office (or send or receive e-mail, or factcheck, or update the website, or do any of those other things one needs to do via the Series of Tubes) is that my computer, which has an AirPort card and an internal antenna, did not have said card and antenna hooked up together. Hence, I've never been able to use AirPort to connect to the local wireless network. So John Henry (another seriously cool computer geek of the non-geeky ilk) managed to make my connection work, but I had to use a router.

Now, no router necessary! I am ONLINE! Wahoo!

Which means, of course, I've got a heck of a lot of website updating to do.

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