Thursday, September 03, 2009

Of pies and libraries

The 4th annual Li-Berry Music Festival and Pie Throwdown is coming up, and this year I am going to bake a pie for it. Jay Stange organized the first pie throwdown, and we had some absolutely delicious entries. (The first year we did the music festival we didn't have the pie component.) I plan to make a blueberry pie with some secret ingredients (well, not so secret, since a few people around the village have tasted my test run pie). And I'll be bringing some extra money to buy slices of the other entries!

I like the way the John Trigg Ester Library fundraisers highlight different cultural elements. The Lallapalooza and Book Bash has performance, art, books, quite often fashion shows, and other oddments; the music festival features music and dessert cooking (we have a fair number of cookbooks in the library!); and Readers on the Run highlights poetry and sports.

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