Friday, February 11, 2011

Local Et Cetera, Librarypalooza, and other doings

I have decided that, come hell or high water, layout WILL commence on March 1 on the Local Et Cetera. That goes pretty fast, and then it goes to press. The Local Et Cetera is the little phone and community book that I put out every few years. This edition's contents include:
So get your listing or ad in pronto!

But that's a while yet. In the meantime, the 7th annual John Trigg Ester Library Lallapalooza & Book Bash is coming up on the 27th, and organizing and publicity is in full swing. I've been posting about the JTEL Sewing Consortium over on the JTEL blog. I've been having a wonderful time working (slowly) on a quilt for the auction and fashion show, made from twenty-five old library t-shirts. Maia Luick made some shirts, and Amy Cameron (the organizer for this, as per previous fashion shows) and Shannan Turner have been making skirts. Amy's making a kimono, which I plan to bid on! (The Consortium is just whoever wants to help out with the sewing and t-shirt conversion.)

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