Monday, February 07, 2011

Squoze brain, words came forth

The writing biz has been VERY intense lately. I'm working on the strategic plan for SNRAS, the introductory document for the Alaska Food Policy Council, trying to keep up (unsuccessfully) with the Republic, and working on Ester library policies, PR for the Lallapalooza, and a community survey for the library. Last night I finally hit the opposite end of writer's block, where the block o' grey matter has created and composed and spewed forth every last drop of literary goodness (and badness) that it possibly can, and the writer (that would be me) is left with a well-scrunched sponge of an organ that can hardly think or comprehend visual, audio, or any other sensory signals, and is in serious need of a re-dunking in the waters of mindless pre-thought.

I was, to put it mildly, wrung out.

I am looking forward to doing something that does NOT require thinking with words. My plans are to do some good old-fashioned quilting for the JTEL Sewing Consortium's t-shirt fashion sweatshop. Tonight at 6-7ish. Looks like Shannan Turner will be able to join me. Yeah!

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