Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Some sensible ideas

Brian Yanity's article on wind power in Alaska, "North to the Future: Powering Alaska when the oil runs out", is a sensible examination of our options and how to prepare for a healthy economic future for Alaska. The article was republished on Toward Freedom, and this statement from it seems so obvious that you'd think we would be going full steam ahead on this already:

"The sooner Alaska starts developing innovative renewable energy resources, the more diverse Alaska’s economy will be."

The Greens have been saying this for years, along with pretty much the entire environmental movement, but for some reason Governor Murkowski and company keep harping on oil. Let's get this straight: OIL HAS NO FUTURE. Well, a sharply limited one, anyway. Yup, the prices are nice for our royalties (so long as we have them—because of the ELF and Murky Frank, we don't get royalties on a lot of our oil, and will be getting less next year) but they are hell on our wallets when we have to buy heating oil or gasoline.

Addenda: There's a petition to repeal the ELF, and here's the latest status report on it; the petition needs to be filed by April 20, 2006.

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