Sunday, October 16, 2005

Stevens still trying for torture

According to an article by John Donnelly of the Congressional Quarterly, reprinted at the Newsrack, Ted Stevens wants to exempt certain classified interrogations from Senator McCain's amendment (pdf link), and he is quite possibly in a position to do it. This means that the organizations with the least open public oversight, the intelligence agencies, and in particular the CIA, would, um, be able to operate without being subject to the Geneva Conventions. (Of course, this would break with the treaty we signed.) They could, in other words, torture, stress, and intimidate prisoners. How can anyone in their right mind believe that this is acceptable, or good?

Professor Marty Lederman, on Balkinization, has exposed Stevens as a bounder of the worst kind. (Unfortunately, Stevens is not alone.) Lederman explains clearly why Senator McCain's provision on detainee treatment is important, and not simply a superfluous reiteration of already existing law and treaty.

Well, torture is stereotypically conducted in dungeons, where sunlight doesn't reach. Guess where the sun don't shine, Ted?

The conference committee between the House and Senate (Stevens is leading the Senate's conferees) will be meeting the week of October 17, like, THIS WEEK. Perhaps we should all call Senator "Torture" Ted Stevens and give him an earful.

Here's his web form.
Here's his Washington phone number: 202-224-3004
Here's his office addresses, both in Washington and Alaska.

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DirkRNelson said...

Good site and commentary, Deirdre.

Uncle Ted seems to operate on the (unfortunately too accurate, too often) belief that as long as he brings home the bacon, err, pork, he can continue to do as he damned well pleases, and be little more, in reality, than a 'yes man' to the partisan, fascist, neo-cons, thus having his proverbial cake and eating it too.

And all too often, Alaskans have allowed him a pass in the voting booths, frequently proving his strategy effective and accurate.

A sad statement not only for Alaska's 'representation, but for Alaska's voters as well.