Thursday, November 17, 2005

The cost of the war

Diane Benson, Green gubenatorial candidate in 2002, like many other mothers, has had to deal with the cost of Iraq in a very personal way: her son Latseen was recently severely injured by a roadside bomb.

The article in the Anchorage Daily News says:

"Latseen Benson, in the 101st Airborne, was struck Sunday by a roadside bomb in Tikrit, north of Bagdad. Monday night, the 26-year-old had not regained consciousness, Diane Benson said from her Eagle River home."

"Benson said her son's first four-year tour was over Oct. 31 and that he was forced to extend his service under the controversial Stop-Loss Program."

"My son is now fighting for his life with half a body left," Benson said."

George Bush was in Anchorage the next day, Monday the 14th, but he didn't offer his condolences.

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