Friday, November 18, 2005

Lisa Murkowski and freedom

Senator Ted Stevens has been pretty consistent in voting for measures that reduce civil liberties protections, going so far as to vote for the allowance of torture, although he doesn't view it like that. Senator Murkowski, on the other hand, has shown some spine on this issue, if inconsistently so. Both Stevens and Murkowski voted for the Graham amendment to the Military Authorization Bill, which would strip the federal courts of jurisdiction over applications for habeas corpus brought by those declared enemy combatants (i.e., those in Guantanamo Bay or other detention sites).

This vote by Murkowski is confusing, given her stance in regard to the reauthorization of the PATRIOT Act. She is one of a few senators on a negotiating committee who are objecting to the conference report on the reauthorization. She prefers the Senate compromise, seeing it as offering "modest protections for civil liberties."

So...only US citizens should be treated justly? or only US citizens not deemed enemy combatants?

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