Saturday, December 03, 2005

Community forum on KUAC

The KUAC Task Force is hosting a community forum to gather input and suggestions from the public on how best to create good communication between KUAC and its audience. People will be able to testify in the same manner as at the borough assembly meetings, three minutes each to share ideas. The task force and some members of KUAC management will be there to listen to the public, but the proceedings won't be a Q&A. The whole thing will be recorded. The Task Force is setting up a Community Advisory Council, so that's one topic that will inevitably come up. The KUAC Listener's Alliance will probably bring up others.

The forum will be Wednesday, December 7, 7 pm at the FNSB assembly chambers.

The minutes of the Task Force's Monday meetings (4-6 every Monday at the Wood Center conference room E) and news about the task force are posted on KUAC's website. (The link to the minutes is to a pdf.)

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