Saturday, December 03, 2005

December First Friday

We went to the Annex Friday night for In the Heart of Ester's opening and the calendar signing. It was great fun. All sorts of people wanted our autographs, and I greatly enjoyed writing things like, "A hot time in the Interior tonight!" and "Summer heat". Monique had managed to get a hundred copies UPSed ahead of the main shipment just for the opening. Several of us were there: Amanda, Amy, me, Hope, Margaret, Monique, Nancy G., Nancy S., Tinker. Bella, of course, is in Antarctica right now (she works with ice, for those of you who don't know her). A few of the others were also out of town, alas.

I've got a few paintings in the show and a couple of collages stashed in the back room, plus some of Jamie Smith's books, Doreen Fitzgerald's poetry collection, and, naturally, copies of The Ester Republic.

In the Heart of Ester has some wonderful stuff on display: t-shirts, felted slippers, hats, mittens, felted purses, kimonos; paintings by Sue Farnham, Okiko, Elizabeth Irving, Nancy Burnham; photographs by Sherri Schleiter; cards and prints by Diana, Sandy Jamieson, Fry; ceramics by Laura Hewitt; feather hair fods by Hope; and loads more that is definitely worth seeing.

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