Friday, February 10, 2006

Back on the ballot!

The Green Party of Alaska is back on the ballot! Here's a bit from the press release:
Superior Court Judge Stephanie Joannides granted a preliminary injunction that prevents the State of Alaska from denying the Green Party equal benefits accorded to other Alaska political parties....

The Green Party challenged the law that restricts a ballot test of 3% to only one statewide race--3% of the vote in the Governor's race. If there's no Governor's race, 3% in the U.S. Senate race. If there is neither a Governor's race or US Senate race, then 3% in the U.S. House race. Sykes added, "The idea that only one statewide race can qualify in a certain year doesn't pass the 'red-face' test. The 1998 Governor's race attracted the fewest number of voters of three statewide races."
The case number is 3AN-05-10787CI.

This battle for ballot access is ongoing across the country, and the Democrats aren't helping the cause of democracy when they try to prevent minor parties from gaining access to the ballot. As usual in Congress, they've given their bill a deceptive title: "Let the People Decide Clean Campaign Act". Since it will effectively prevent people from having any choices other than Republican and Democrat, it will actually PREVENT the public from having more influence. Just the same old two halves of the same old team playing the same old game we've been seeing in American politics. Yippee.

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