Sunday, May 07, 2006

Opening night

Hoo! what an opening! scads of people showed up, I sold a couple of pieces and Amy sold six. Hans did marvelous things with the lighting, so everything glowed. Kate has a great red handbag in the show that I covet--still unsold, so I have a chance at purchase (if we ever have enough spare cash).

Naturally, none of us got to any other openings, except for Monique's studio. Since she stayed open late and is right on the village square, we got a chance to see her photos of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge juxtaposed with those of Prudhoe Bay. She had little plaques with each set that talked about various aspects of the refuge and of oil development. One thing I hadn't realized was that Prudhoe has smog—and you can see it from a hundred miles away.

And they say we can develop an oil extraction industry up there without harming the environment. Yeah, right.

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