Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ester Art Walk

Ester is having its first ever art walk, this First Friday, June 5, starting around 5 pm and ending around 9. Stops are, from one end of Ester to the other:

The Firehouse Aurorarium, featuring LeRoy Zimmerman's Photosymphony show, featuring panoramic photography and music, cleverly arranged and with breathtaking shots of aurora and the Alaska landscape.

Ester Hatworks, where Judy Stauffer makes hats, scarves, mittens, jackets, blankets, socks, headbands, vests, and other warm things from Polar Fleece, a lightweight, colorful, warm, fabric with high breathability. Its sort of fuzzy, but doesn't pill up. Her designs are pretty nifty: I've got a few things made out of it myself, and Hans loves the socks.

In the HeART of Ester, operated by Amy Cameron Luick and Hope L. Colitz, which sells locally made art: cards, paintings, prints, sculpture, knit items, t-shirts, photographs, collages, books, papers, jewelry, glasswork, and a bunch of other cool things.

PhotoSynthesis, Monique Musick's photography studio, including (this month) her photographs of Denali, and of course the Women of Ester Calender.

The Old Post Office Espresso Publishing House, also known as The Ester Republic (now finally in the new digs!), selling newspapers, books, and artwork by the publisher.

The Golden Eagle Saloon, just for the heck of it, featuring the odd painting, a ton of odd snapshots, and the local characters (canine and human).

Judie Gumm Designs, Judie's silversmith studio and shop, with all her wonderful pins and necklaces and broaches and whatnot inspired by the forms of plants and animals of Alaska, ranging from very realistic to extremely stylized and abstract.

This is all on Main Street. Before you get to Ester (or after you are heading back to town), make sure you stop in to see the Doll Show at the Annex Art Space, Nancy Burnham's excellent art gallery in front of Water Wagon on the Parks Highway.

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