Wednesday, June 07, 2006

O, the snow in June falls mainly on the sprouts

Well, after a couple of days watching big fat snowflakes falling all over my zucchinis, we've had a lovely summer day, nice and warm and not too buggy. My squash and sunflowers survived (they were the only plants in the ground), thanks to rubber tubs and refrigerator bins kept over their little fronds for most of two days. For extra insurance, I covered them with a plastic bag, and then covered 'em up in the dark under the plastic tubs.

Last night I left them exposed to the elements, and everybody seems to be fine.

Ah, Alaska. Thought I'd never see a good old-fashioned spring again. (Getting snow down in the valley is unusual this time of year, but I remember several Junes and a ton of Mays where we had a brief snow.)

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