Sunday, August 06, 2006

Death of an artist

Pat Davis, eldest daughter of Neil Davis, died on Monday due to cancer. Pat was a marvelous artist, a jeweler, sculptor, spinner, and just about anything she put her hand to. She frequently had a whimsical quality to her work, a lightness and joyfulness that is evident in just about all her pieces, even the yarn she spun. (I've got a few balls of these.) She ran a shop in Wasilla for several years called Chain Reaction Studios, and moved back to Ester a couple of years ago. She was my next-door neighbor, and I didn't get over to see her enough. Visit your neighbors and your friends, folks. They won't always be there.

There will be a memorial for Pat out at the Musher's Hall on Farmers Loop on August 19.

Below is an example of her artwork (or will be, once I get blogger to work). This is a crocheted (or maybe knitted?) wire jellyfish that was part of a show she had at the Artworks September 2004. She was making ceramic sculptures this summer, and these will be on display at the memorial.

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Megan said...

Thank you for reminding us not to take our neighbors for granted. Mine are *right* next door, and sometimes we go a week without seeing each other. (And I like them.)