Sunday, August 13, 2006

Library concert--wahoo!

The concert for the library was FANTASTIC! Those of you who didn't make it, you really missed out. I'm sort of mildly interested in local music, and never really excited about big-name musicians coming to town, but this--this was incredible. We ended up with twelve musicians:
Tim Easton
Rod Picott, a last-minute addition to the lineup, a guy from Maine and a really good musician with a wonderful voice and beautiful songs.
Leah Probst and Leighton Nunez of Lousiaska.
Jeff Kanzler, Eric Graves, and George Gianakopoulos. I know George from when we were taking painting classes at the U; I'd never heard him or the others play. Really good.
Nate Montgomery and a guy named Josh who played together in the first set. Also really good. I hadn't really heard Nate play much before; I was impressed.
• Marie Mitchell, Jen Otey, and Sherri Hadley (I think--first name definitely Sherri). Marie (formerly of Lousiaska) and Jen played at the last library lallapalooza, so it was good to see them helping out the library again.

I had a wonderful time. A bunch of us librarians were over at big tables by the stove with the cool library t-shirts that Jamie Smith designed for us. We sold a BUNCH of the longsleeved shirts (it was a tad wet and dreary out there) and quite a few of the shortsleeved. We did well, had a blast, and met a bunch of really neat people.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Baby, the library totally rocks!
My family and I had a wonderful time. Thanks to everyone who made the day, otherwise rainy and grey, much brighter. Sitting by the wood stove didn't hurt either. Good music, good food,good friends and tons of infra red. Yes! Feels right!
May I suggest that the music collection at the future library be called the Tim Easton Music Collection of Appreciation.
Take care,