Wednesday, November 22, 2006

GVEA ballots

arrived in the mail yesterday. No one at the post office or the Eagle later seemed to think that voting for this G&T proposal was a good idea.

It's really amazing to think that 5% plus one of the GVEA membership can determine the outcome of something of this magnitude. That such a tiny minority can determine the direction of the cooperative doesn't seem right.

And where the heck are the minutes to the pertinent meetings?


Simiolus Rex said...

My GVEA Ballot came sitting right under the "I love Myself Brochure" by Frank Murkowski. (insert gagging noises now please). I think I'm going to be sick this weekend from all the wine and beer.

Deirdre Helfferich said...

I think it's a fine idea to provide a report on the Executive Branch's doings to the public--so long as it's not an advertisement/campaign piece and is a real report. But Murkowski has used public monies to promote himself, which is so incredibly wasteful and unethical I can't stand it. THE TWERP!


Common Sense said...

The minutes for the October meetings have yet to be approved by the board, so GVEA doesn't post them. If you want to view content in advance, talk to your GVEA District Rep.

The next meeting is Mon. Nov. 27, 2006. It should be very interesting and hope some GVEA members show up Expect a G&T meeting after that, the first since July 2005.

There is also a board budget workshop meeting all afternoon, starting at noon. I don't know if they would kick members out that wanted to attend, but I can't see why they would. Don't expect any right to speak though, listen only. Perhaps a good way to find out lots of details of how GVEA spends its money. Gary