Wednesday, November 22, 2006

GVEA's other meetings

At the public meeting at Noel Wien Library on the 15th, people asked why there had been so little notice about the G&T proposal and only three meetings. The staff protested, saying they'd been working on this since 2005 and that there had been twelve meetings. Today I asked Roger Asbury of GVEA what those other meetings were (I didn't have a chance to on the 15th). It turns out that seven of them were meetings for the staff: three in Fairbanks, and one each in Healy, North Pole, Delta, and Nenana. Two others were held in the Salcha Senior Center and the North Pole Senior Center. I'm not sure if those were public meetings or only for the residents there.

Roger also said that three more meetings are planned, again not exactly public (unless the full public is invited): for the IBEW/International Builders Association, the Chamber of Commerce Transportation Committee, and the Fairbanks Rotary. Seems to me that it's a bit silly of GVEA staff to expect that the public would have heard about these meetings when they weren't public nor advertised. I'm not seeing anything on the GVEA website about 'em, at least not as of this writing...

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