Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Young as accurate as ever

and the voters, amazingly, elected him AGAIN, only now they've elected a man who won't be a chair on any committees, and who will be in a Democratic Party-controlled House (and quite possibly Senate, too). Really sharp thinking on the part of the voters. We could have elected Diane Benson, a Democrat, who would have been in a Democrat-controlled House, and THEREBY IN A POSITION TO DO SOMETHING FOR ALASKA!

But Don "Bridge to Nowhere" Young is going to be remembered in Congress as the man proud of being a "little oinker", and that isn't going to play very well to Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the House. He's also going to be remembered as a man with connections to Jack Abramoff, and I bet he isn't going to be terribly comfortable on that particular hot seat: the corrupt have gotten slammed by the voters in most of the country, and, judging by Pelosi's victory speech, they're going to get slammed again once the new Congress settles in.

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