Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Eight years of publication

The Ester Republic has produced 92 issues over the last eight years, and has gradually but steadily improved in quality and timeliness, I'm happy to say. The News-Miner has yet to quote from one of my editorials in their "What Others Say" section, but we've been skunking them in the editorial cartoons department every year since 2002 at the Alaska Press Club awards banquet, so I feel mollified.

The Publisher's Picks Awards have been VERY difficult to determine this year...I thought last year was hard! Ha! Even with runner-ups and inventive categories it's been really hard--the contributions were just so much better this year. I've been very pleased that I've been able to provide some renumeration occasionally, although it's not much.

It's going to be a rough month: the Local Et Cetera is almost done, I have to pick out the Alaska Press Club submissions, I'll be moving (again!), and it's FORTY BELOW ZERO! Brrr.

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Kathleen McCoy said...

Hello Ester!
I am currently an ex-pat Alaskan down in California, going to school. I was wandering the Internet a bit homesick, and came upon your blog.
Thank you! Best of luck to you! I am linking to your blog from my own.
Kathleen McCoy