Thursday, December 21, 2006

Republic BiPolar Birthday Bash Art Show

This year, I'll be throwing the Ester Republic's annual birthday bash (the 8th) in conjunction with the BiPolar Art Show. It'll be down at the Annex on January 12, Friday from 6 to midnight. Those of you who've been to the Republic birthday bashes in the past are used to the small somewhat coldish quarters at Hartung Hall, or, in the first two years, at what's now the Ester library. The Annex is MUCH bigger and warmer. Last year the b-day bash was held very late, in February, as it was just too cold in January, so I'm hoping the change of venue will make it easier on everyone. We got coverage in the Square last year; I'm hoping that both the better location and the art show will interest people again this year and we'll get scads of people coming.

Technically, the Republic's birthday is January 27 (the first edition of the paper came out on this date in 1999), but the 12th works out better for the art show. I had so much fun with the Publisher's Picks awards last year I'm going to do it again (they'll be presented at 8 pm). I've got a lot to do to get ready for the party, aside from the usual party-related preparations. I've got to choose the categories and winners for the awards and make up certificates, get photos from previous bashes together and organize a booklet of the paper's history, etc. for people to look through. I'll be making a display of Republic publications and back issues.

Then there's the art show. It was supposed to be simultaneous with McMurdo Station's MEC Alternative Art Gallery show, but they moved the date up a week, which was just too tight for us to deal with, what with New Year's and all. So their show will be January 6th (our 5th) and ours will be the next Friday. The theme for the show in Antarctica is "Flow", so we'll be using that here, too.

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CabinDweller said...

How cool! Will make sure NOT to have other plans on that day - look forward to partying in the People's Independent Republic of Ester.