Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bye, bye, Brutus

On our way home today, we saw the tow truck/flatbed speeding off toward Fairbanks, Brutus' sorry skeleton aboard. Jeff and Stanley Rogers saw it too.

No more truck, but still plenty of burnt bits in the drive...we'll probably qualify as a toxic zone for a while.


Jeffrey A. Rogers said...


Jeffrey A. Rogers said...

Yesterday Afternoon a buddy at work and I went to retrieve a newer engine for my 4runner. While we were at Interior Auto Salvage we saw your former truck sitting front and center in the parking lot. It was not a happy site at all.
It is in good company though. Back with it's automotive brothers and sisters, resting in peace until once again, someday they will rise from the broken, twisted ashes and be reborn as toasters, stainless steel medical tweezers or even state of the art electric Cadillacs.
They can only dream now.
Dream on dead cars
Dream on dead vans
Dream on dead trucks
You served us well and did what was expected. It's not your fault you could not last forever.
Rest assured, a better world awaits you.