Saturday, April 28, 2007

A new green machine

Hoo! We did it. We signed our lives away (well, the next 6 years, anyway) and got a new (as in, NEW) car, a Honda Element, metallic green. It's a box on wheels, and it's cute in a very Japanese mechanistic way. I love it! Names suggested so far: Kermit, Herman Munster, Melvin the Green Beast (after my dad's tale). However, it seems like a she rather than a he to me, so we were trying out names like Pea, Emma (Pease). Or maybe we'll just call it the Green Box. Dunno.
Megan Boldenow, of the Lorax, has a green Element just like ours, so Mom was suggesting that we put something to differentiate it, like a giant dragonfly on the hood. By valentine suggested flames, or a frog tongue. It's very amphian-like in appearance.

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Megan said...

Deirdre (and Hans):

Congrats again on the purchase! You're going to love her. And while the idea of an amphibian or dragonfly on the hood is fun, our cars are still very different. You're that bright, new kiwi green; and I'm the old "Galapagos Green". And soon I'll put the antlers back on the car! We just have to catch up with Matt.

Enjoy your box on wheels. Mine has always made me feel a little like a turtle, carrying my house around.