Monday, June 25, 2007

Nooking books

Putting them where they belong, that is. I've spent much of the last week working on library stuff: ordering card pockets and cards (that I later discovered we didn't need just yet because a box and a half of card pockets were cleverly stashed away to grab for later), cleaning out crap from the library and either chucking it out or moving it to the OPOELA (Old Post Office Espresso Library Annex), putting pockets in books and cards in pockets, and putting books on the shelves. Judy Stauffer came down for an afternoon of putting books in nooks, and I moved a heck of lot of books from shelf A to shelf B to make room for the new ones (after removing crap and hauling to the OPOELA, as mentioned above)...

LOTS of work, but fun!

The library is somewhat useable again, after all this.

And we're working on getting the final decisions made on which spaces will be for what and how big in the new library building. Whee!

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