Saturday, June 23, 2007

Our "Prez-det" claims he's above the law

Well, above oversight, anyway. Actually, he's declared he can disregard the law about 750+ times, with his presidential signing statements. The Government Accounting Office recently came out with an analysis of the effect of Bush's signing statements, causing a small furor in the press and in Congress lately (about frigging time!). The doctrine of the Unitary Executive, a dubious legal interpretation of presidential powers, is part and parcel of this president-above-the-law idiocy in the White House. Jennifer Bergen, of, explains in her article of January 2006 on the Unitary Executive:
In his view, and the view of his Administration, that doctrine gives him license to overrule and bypass Congress or the courts, based on his own interpretations of the Constitution -- even where that violates long-established laws and treaties, counters recent legislation that he has himself signed, or (as shown by recent developments in the Padilla case) involves offering a federal court contradictory justifications for a detention.

This is a form of presidential rebellion against Congress and the courts, and possibly a violation of President Bush's oath of office, as well.

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