Thursday, August 09, 2007

Gazebo work: the foundation

Okay, you able-bodied Esteroids, this is the weekend we need you to Show Up! Concrete will be a-mixing and a-pouring for the gazebo, noonish across from the post office on Saturday.

Attendance at the previous work parties has been, well, pitiful. The gazebo is the smallest of the building projects. If we can't even get a goodly number (like, a whole three of us, with one or two showing up briefly later) to do the work for such a tiny little building, how in the heck can we reasonably expect to build an actual library? I mean, c'mon, folks. Barn-raising is easy when 20 folks show up. It's a real bitch when only three (and the same three every time) do. Takes a lot longer, isn't as much fun, and makes the volunteers wonder what the point is if nobody cares enough to come.

Besides, it's a perfect excuse for a post-party party & barbecue. Bring beverages and food as well as wheelbarrows and tools and yer bods, and we'll have a blast.

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