Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Last night, around 5:30, it began: yap yap yap yap YAP YAP YAP woof woof bark yip yipe BARK BARK WOOF yap yap woof bow wow bow wow VUFF VUFF yark yark yap bark bark....

Usually, it's Luna, Frank's dog, that starts driving me batty with her yipping and yipeing. But this time it was EVERYBODY: Luna, Tobias, Laika, and a bunch of yahoo hounds down at the Eagle. They were barking at each other, barking at the people, the bicycles, the cars, for the hell of it. On and on and on.

I became unusually crabby, and had to go home, where it was peaceful and quiet. Nothing but cats, lounging about.

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