Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Case of the Mysterious Disappearence of the Bouchercon Bag

Mom and Peter recently went down to Anchorage for Bouchercon 2007, the World Mystery Convention ("Bearly Alive" this year). There were literally hundreds of people attending. They brought me back a nifty tote bag, black, with Edgar Allen Poe and the convention name on it in white. So I've been carrying this bag around with me, hauling the signature book for the Clean Elections Initiative, my checkbook, my wallet, a letter for Neil Davis c/o the Republic, my various pens and notes and keys (ALL my keys). On, lessee, Monday, I had it with me when I went to pick up the Republic with Amy. On Tuesday, I could have sworn on a stack o' Harry Potter books that I took it with me when I went down to the office to meet with Neil Davis.

But now it's gone. Poof! it's not at the Eagle, it's not in Amy's car, it seems to have vanished from the house, it's not anywhere in the Clubhouse (a.k.a. Bad White Dog and Ester Republic office), it's not in the library, it's not in the Green rana-machine, it's not at Gulliver's or DateLine, or even lying around on the porch or the drive or the yard.

It's GONE. Vanish-ed.

Helpity help!

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